The Agricultural Meteorology section’s main purpose is to study the influence of weather and climate on the growth, development and productivity of agricultural crops, forestry and livestock. Likewise, with the results of these investigations, establish an operational information system through bulletins, special reports, agrometeorological surveillance and the issuance of early warning notices aimed at specialists and decision-makers in agriculture, in a way that allows them to take advantage of the favorable weather and climate conditions and minimize losses when these conditions are unfavourable. Hence our presence on the web. The agrometeorological products that you can access on this site are based on national use indices, whose input variables are basically meteorological. Many of them come from the outputs of numerical models used for weather forecasting.



Agrometeorological perspectives extended for five days for Villa Clara.


Materials that could be useful for the training and updating of agricultural meteorology specialists.


Information that contributes to minimizing the impacts on agricultural production in Villa Clara.