The mission of the Villa Clara forecasting group consists of guaranteeing meteorological surveillance over this province, as well as preparing short- and medium-term weather forecasts for the territory, in such a way that they achieve an impact on the production of goods and services.

The meteorologists of the center have achieved a stable job during the last years and have maintained the forecasts of the meteorological variables above 90% of effectiveness in a general sense. At the same time, the group develops a series of investigations aimed at raising the quality of weather forecasts in the province and in Cuba. Based on the outputs of the GFS and MM5 hydrodynamic models, parameterizations were developed aimed at the local forecast of precipitation and extreme temperatures, the results of which are shown daily on this Website.


Weather for today

Weather forecast for today.

Weather for tomorrow

Weather forecast for tomorrow.

Extended forecast

Extended forecast for the next three days.

Tropical Cyclone Warning

Information about Tropical Cyclones in the area.


Hydrometeorological service.

Radio program “Science Today”

Radio program that is broadcast every Sunday at 12:30 pm on FM 93.5 Estereo Centro.