Projects led by the PMC Villa Clara

Agrometeorology for sustainable aquaculture.

Leader: Ismabel María Domínguez Hurtado

Evaluation of air quality based on emissions from mobile and fixed sources in Villa Clara.

Leader: Vladimir Núñez Caraballo

Urban microclimate in cities of central Cuba in relation to urban planning and design.

Leader: Yami Castro Conrado

National projects in which the PMC VC participates

Agrometeorology in Las Tunas, an alternative to reduce the effects of climate variability in small-scale agriculture.

Leader: Yusniel Alberto

Executing institution: PMC Las Tunas

Integration of advanced wave and sea level modeling tools for the prediction of coastal flooding in Cuba.

Leader: Reynaldo Casas Taylor

Executing institution: CNMM

Climate Baseline for mountain ecosystems in the eastern region of Cuba.

Leader: Maty Arisleydis Peña de la Cruz

Executing institution: PMC Guantánamo

Study and evaluation of the behavior of heat sources detected by satellites in Cuba. Automation of processes for the warning system (SAATIN).

Leader: Eva Mejías Cedeño

Executing institution: CNMAg

Pollution emissions from fixed sources and their contribution to air pollution.

Leader: Osvaldo Cuesta

Executing institution: National Pollution Center

International projects in which the CMP VC participates

Strengthening of the early warning system for the Zaza basin.

Connecting landscapes.

Capacity building for sustainable financing mechanisms. Sustainable land management in dry forest ecosystems and livestock areas (OP 15).