The Climate group develops and executes climate monitoring, evaluating the behavior of the climate in past and current periods and predicting its future behavior. In coordination with the Station Network Service group, it guarantees the organization and existence of the climatic database based on the observations made at the province’s meteorological stations. It develops climate applications aimed at different socioeconomic sectors of the country, mainly energy, urban climate, tourism and human health. It is responsible for directing, organizing and developing the research carried out at the Provincial Meteorological Center, related to variability, climate change and its impacts.
To develop the work, the climate group is made up of eight people who cover the basic lines of work, that is: climate data, climate applications and climate monitoring.
Temporary work teams are formed to develop research activities.


Oceanic and atmospheric conditions

An outline of oceanic and atmospheric conditions in the Pacific and Atlantic regions.

Meteorological drought

State of the meteorological drought.

Temperature weather forecast

Expected behavior of the temperature for the current month.

Climatic characteristics of the previous month

Behavior of the meteorological variables of the previous month.

Historical climatic characteristics

Historical record of climatic characteristics.

Precipitation forecast

Expected behavior of precipitation for the current month.